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Island Karpathos - Greece

The Greek island Karpathos is located in the Mediterranean about 30 miles south-west of Rhodes and is the second largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands (300 square kilometre).
Karpathos has an international airport and a harbour with ferry boat connections.

Climate on the island Karpathos

Karpathos is known for its mild climate which is a result of its excellent location far in the Mediterranean. Karpathos has mild winters and sunny and dry summers. The strong summer wind called "Meltemi" makes the temperatures in summer quite comfortable.
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English language

The poverty after world war two sent many Karpathians to the United States, Canada, Australia or South Africa. In the last 20 years a lot of this people came back to their home island. So most of the greek inhabitants speak English very well.
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Tourism, traditions and prospects

Karpathos successfully infuse modern elements into a traditional setting. In the mountains north part of Karpathos the village Olympos is called the most beautiful village of Greece. Olympos residents preserve old traditions.
But Karpathos is also a modern greek island with good opportunities in the future. The responsible work of the government under the leadership of the mayor Mr. M. Ioannidis guarantees a nature based tourism on the island - small beautiful traditional hotels and studios instead of multi-storey buildings or huge resorts.
At present the government build the infrastructure for the next years - new asphalt roads, new airport buildings and a new marina.
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Nature and environmental protection

Karpathos has a lot of natural beauties: rocky landscapes over 1.200 meters in the center of the island, sunny sandy beaches, beautiful canyons and many impressive sea views. The sea water around the island is crystal clear and very clean. Under the water you can find a magical underwater world. Here you will find more excellent pictures of Karpathos. The concept of a nature based tourism will help to keep the beautiful natural landscape of the island.
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Sport and events

Karpathos is a paradise of water sports. Because of the warm strong wind "Meltemi" the island is one of the european center of wind surfing.
In Pigadia you find a very modern diving center - best conditions for scuba diving.
But Karpathos has also a lot of beautiful hiking trails with wonderful sea views. Car rentals, bars, restaurants, taverns and cafes a situated in the most villages.
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Why should I buy a property on the island Karpathos?

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On the island Karpathos you can find your dream property if you like sun, nature and blue sea jointly with very friendly inhabitants from Greece, Italy, Austria, Germany and some other countries.

Make your dreams come true on the the island Karpathos.